Baa Baa Blodwyn

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by Nigel Hinton. Illustrated by Carol Davies.

Baa Baa Blodwyn

This is the story of wool and wool trade, and its importance to the making of Shrewsbury. Full of facts and information about the processes involved in turning wool into cloth, the history of wool-making in Shropshire and key buildings in Shrewsbury involved in the wool trade there.

The book was officially launched during the English Heritage Open Days 2011 at St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Street, Shrewsbury, 8-11 September.

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“Wonderfully illustrated with charming cartoons by illustrator Carol Davies, also of Shrewsbury, it features Blodwyn the sheep, and an explanatory narrative which is simple without being dumbed down.
There are also some photographs, together with activities for children. Commemorating a piece of Shropshire’s heritage in this way is a lovely idea, and it is colourfully presented.”

Reviewed in the Shropshire Star by Toby Neal.

Full colour, paperback, 24 pages, 210 x 210mm in size.
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